First recipients of the Angus Brewer Community Fund announced

FoSELS is the fundraising team at Slip End Village School, made up of parents and carers who organise events and arrange activities to support the school in their purchase of new equipment and provision of school trips. FoSELS raises much-needed funds to enable pupils at the school to have access to resources that may otherwise be impossible, by holding fundraising events in the local community.

Before the grant, Slip End Village School had no provision for the safe storage of bikes and scooters on the school site. Any scooters/bikes which are brought to school had to be left at the entrance to the school (usually in a heap in the mud), unsecured and at risk of theft. As a result, many parents were reticent to allow their children to bring expensive bikes/scooters to school, and the school was unable to actively encourage the use of alternative means of transport to school. At the same time, car parking by parents around the school was a nuisance to residents and posed a danger to pupils, as safe routes are obscured by inconsiderate parking. 

The promotion of scooting/riding to school is supported by Sustrans a UK charity which works with communities to encourage travelling in ways that benefit both health and the environment. 

The grant from the fund will enable the school to purchase storage for bikes and scooters from Cyclepods Ltd. Cyclepods manufacture all their products in the UK, using recycled materials and generating a low carbon footprint in keeping with the environmentally friendly nature of this project.

Having secure scooter and bike parking on site enables parents to allow children to use them as transport to/from school, easing congestion around the school itself. The pupils will gain health benefits from using a more active method of journeying to/from school and local residents will find their streets less congested

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